May 02, 2004
12:34 AM

I am blessed by priceline! Currently, I am sitting in a quiet,quaint,relaxing lobby of a Howard Johnson hotel in Williamsburg, VA.. This is the way to go, if you want to get hotels on tour. I'm living it up in a 3 star hotel for only $43 a night. Tomorrow we are off to Charlotte, NC. where I just scored rooms at the Marriot for $30 a night. Amazing.

I just ate a bowl of chili at Wendys, but really have no idea why I did this?? I'm in pain. Why have I eaten so badly on tour. Hmmmm... After playing in DC last night, we treked out to Williamsburg, VA. It took 3 hours and we arrived at 4 AM-Slept til' 1 PM and then left for Busch Gardens to meet up with a new friend named Branden who hooked us up with 4 free tickets(Me, Gerry, Hiro, Stephane are the recepients). Regular admission price is $46.95. YIKES!! Free is a lot better.

Free makes everything seem like magic. This park is in the middle of the woods and has been rated the most beautiful amusement park in the nation for 12 years running. I agree. The theme of this park is that you are in Europe and included countries are Ireland, England, Italy, France, Germany, and Scotland. It's pretty silly, but amazing nonetheless. Highlights of the day were the pet show, Apollo's Chariot, the 3-D Cork Screw Hill, and the food at Oktoberfest.

Normally food at the amusement parks are less than desireable, but for some reason we ate like kings and at an afordable price. Me and Stephane tried hitting on high school girls, but no luck. Considering my age, that's not the smartest thing to do, but it was all in good humour so don't worry...I'm not a bad man.

I'm pretty tired, so I better git.. Take care, be good, smile big.

Peace, Mike Park