April 30, 2004
1:27 PM

Taking the wrong tunnel in NYC makes for a long, long, long drive getting out of the city. We took the Holland Tunnel out of queens to the Lincoln Tunnel to get to the 95 South, where we are headed to DC. Argghhh.. Finally, we're moving. I hate traffic, it drives me friggin crazy.

Last night was the last of 3 shows in NYC. It was the worst show for me personally. I played horribly and felt extremely uncomfortable on stage for really the first time of the tour. I'm always nervous beyond belief, but usually I can pull it together and play a decent show. But last night was no good. I felt like I didn't even know how to play guitar. Oh well. News update.. We're back in traffic just getting out of the Lincoln TUnnel. We're going about 2 mph. That's fun eh?

Tonight is the last show before I get a little vacation. My show in Norfolk, Va. was cancelled. Boohoo! But the good news is that because of that show I got a letter from a young man who wrote me asking what time I play because he had to work at Busch Gardens and was hoping he could see my set if I played late. Well, I wrote back to say the show is cancelled and to see if he could hook me up with free tickets and it looks like we're gonna get hooked up! OH YEAH!!!!!!!!

For those who know me, this is the equivalence of hitting the jackpot for me. Anything free is amazing, but especially amusement parks. The admission is so expensive. So tomorrow is roller coaster heaven!

Peace always, Mike Park