April 29, 2004
4:15 PM

New York, New York..
It's Thursday in the big apple and the weather is blue and beautiful. Me and Gerry are in Queens and just went for a nice walk towards the east river. Took a ton of pictures with the skyline blasting nicely in the background. These past few shows in NYC have been great.

Actually, the first night wasn't the greatest. It was a sparse crowd and at times felt apathetic and it left me with an empty feeling, but last night was much different. Great energy and smiles all around. Cute girls in New York only add to the greatness. But I felt great about the show last night. Thought I played well and had a good repoire with the audience.

Drank two long island ice teas after my set and they didn't settle to well with me. I rarely drink, so the booze and an empty stomach had me a bit dizzy and smiling perhaps too much. We went to a bar after the show with all the bands in tow, but me and Gerry cut out to find food. For some reason we couldn't find anything and ended up walking for what seems forever. Eventually we ended up at a pizza parlor and I got a spinach calzone. It was horrible. The spinach was like leather. I felt like I was chewing on shoe laces or something. Blah....

I drunk called Monica(my special friend) and more friends when I arrived at James' home. My last memory is 4:20 AM and it was ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ.......

Peace always, Mike Park