April 26, 2004
10:30 AM

It's 10:30 AM and we're headed up northbound on highway 95 towards Boston. We're blasting Johnny Socko's Full Trucker Effect trying to wake up from a night of little sleep. Though I didn't end up going out after the show, I had to stay up to do some work. That's the life of a responsible adult....right? Well, I wish I could have experienced the fun events of the previous evening as the crew of bands went out to an amateur night male strip contest and Ryan from Darkest Hour entered and friggin won it! I didn't know such talent exhisted on this tour. WOW!!

Last night Plea For Peace played at the Trocadero in Philly and I had a great time. Lots of good people and a ton of new people registered to vote. I'm still extremely nervous when I play, to the point of shaking. But the crowd was very responsive and I felt pretty good with my performance. Why am I so nervous when I play? I can't really explain it, but I just can't shake the nerves. Argghhh!! It's killing me. Oh well. What can I do. I can't even eat before I play. My last meal is at around one in the afternoon and then I don't end up eating til' late at night. The problem is that we usually get fed meals at the club and I never get to have a hot meal. I end up eating cold scraps late at night. Perfect example was last night. Cold Tofu and rice. Blah...

Lots of driving these last few days, but that's ok. We have three days in a row in NYC starting tomorrow. I'm looking forward to this amazing opportunity to hang out in the city and walk for hours and hours. Hopefully I can get some good meals in as I'm pretty sure the restaurants will be open late. I think it's nap time for me. ZZZZZZZZZZ

Peace, mike park