April 25, 2004
11:10 AM

We are currently traveling across highway 76 out of Pittsburgh headed towards Philadelphia. Since I last left you, many things have happened including myself getting completely drunk for the first time in ages. The drunkness included me doing flips from bed to bed in my hotel room and trying to cook pizza with an iron and ironing board.

Todays drive is a bit long. Just over 300 miles, but we should be ok since we've got LORD of THE RINGS as the movie of the day. So 3 hours of entertainment will be blessed with Mr. Frodo and Gollum. Anyways, we finally have a set lineup for the first half of the tour. We picked up a band from Washington D.C. called Decahedra. They play political fueled post hardcore with a very strong DISCHORD sound. Me likes them very much and they are sweet people. And Darkest Hour has made it on board to complete the lineup. They are very metal, very fast, and very loud. Good stuff for sure. It makes for a quite diverse lineup.

I can't remember what day I left off on... I'm pretty sure it's Detroit that was up next. We came into Detroit with both Denali and Darkest Hour cancelling the show. So it was just me and Cursive. Luckily we got some local acts to play with us and it turned out to be a good show. The crowd seemed a little apathetic, but Cursive seemed to get them out of their shell. Tim told me later that he had to work extra hard to get them to react. He's a good front man. I really enjoy watching him perform and interact with the audience.

Downstairs from the club was a bowling alley and a pizzeria. The crew of the pizzeria were very cool and we did a trade with them for T-Shirts and food. Yes, that's my dream come true. Trading for food. We ordered two large pizzas, sandwhiches, salads, lasagna, and garlic bread. It was like $50 worth of food. We had decided to leave for Columbus, Ohio after the show and the food was an amazing comfort to have while we drove the 4.5 hours. The drive was amazing. It was a beautiful night and we blasted Madonna's greatest hits singing along to songs like Borderline, Lucky Star, and Cherish. And then we did movie night with SUMMER CATCH(Starring Jessica Biel and Freddie Prinze Jr.) being the movie of choice. We are buying these flicks along the way at truck stops and thrift stores and since VHS tapes are on their way out, we're finding these gems for just a couple bucks. Woohoo!!

At around 4:30 AM we started getting tired. We had a coupon book for some hotels, so we tried to get a cheap one, but the first two we had tried were both sub par in quality and we opted against them and went for the HOWARD JOHNSON at $50, which is still a pretty good deal. At 5:30 AM we finally got to sleep... ZZZZZZZZZZZ

That's where I'd usually end the writings, with a ZZZZZ, but we still had COLUMBUS to play to and that day to go through. Woke up at noon and drudgingly rose up to start my day. Hiro Tanaka had already gone swimming and relaxed in the Jacuzzi. WOW!! I'm excited, so I decide to go to their excercise room and then head to the pool. To my dismay the excersize room is two bikes, which don't work a stair climber and a manual treadmill. Argghhh.... So I try the stairmaster for a bit, but it's just not for me. Oh well, off to the pool. The smell of chlorine was so fierce and looking at the water it looked like a greenish blue. So I opted against the pool also. After looking around the premises, what once looked like a very nice hotel seemed to be one that was crumbling fast without the proper upkeep. The landscape was overgrown and the interior was falling apart. It's not something you notice at first glance, but when you are suddenly on a quest in your mind to find the flaws it's very apparent.

Ok, enough cleaning critiques. Off to the show. Sold Out show with a ton of energy and free drinks flowing from the bar for the bands. This is my precursor to the events of the beginning of this newsletter. The rest is history and I will be taking it easy for the rest of the tour. Maybe..Hmmm....

Peace always, Mike Park