April 22, 2004
1:28 PM

Day three of tour equated towards more rock and more good times. The crowd seemed to come flooding in with open minds and big smiles. We registered over 50 new people at the show and it made all of us involved grin from ear to ear. We brought a tv/vcr combo with us on the trip and our goal is to buy cheap movies to watch each day. We have movie day. So far we've watched Blue Crush, A documentary called the Hotdog Story, and today we just watched the Waltons-guest starring Ron Howard.

So far, the winner is the Hotdog Story. It's an hour documentary that PBS put out about 4 years ago and it documents the best hot dog restaurants in the United States. The magic that captivated our hearts was the decor of these amazing restaurants. Towering hot dog figures that perched atop the restaurants and actual hot dog shaped shops. Then it hit us that we're going to most of these cities and that we need to friggin go to everyone that we possibly can go to. The most compelling story that we watched was about SUPER DAWG in Chicago and wouldn't you know it, we were headed to Chicago to play last night.

After rewinding the video a few times to make sure we got the street address correct, we started our journey to SUPER DAWG featuring a male and female hotdog high above the roof named MAUREY and FLAURIE. Named after the owners MAUREY and FLO. They have a little box with a cute cartoon that says inside your SUPER DAWG lounges inside nestled amongst a ton of fries. It's so cute, it's ridiculous. For some reason all 4 of us were on the same page of excitement. When we were driving and saw the two hotdogs that we just watched on tv in real life we just started screaming. It was pretty intense fun.(Yeah, I get excited about weird things)

We park, take tons of pictures, and get stared at by the locals wondering what are deal is. We venture in to the place to get some food. My dillemma is that I haven't eaten a hot dog in probably 4 or 5 years, so I am hoping for a veggie dog, but no way. Everyone else is getting the superdawg and I broke down to peer pressure and got one too. ARGHHHH!! I'm so bad, but I was so pumped from the documentary, I couldn't resist. Neon green relish, pickled green tomato, slice pickle, Mustard, Onions on a poppy seed bun. Wow. It tasted amazing, but I paid for it later in the day as my stomach was going what the hell is this.(sorry vegeterians...I know.. I'm bad, but at least I'm being honest)

The owners of the restaurant weren't there. Both in their 70's, the staff said they come in only once in awhile, but while we were eating, guess who comes in........drum roll......MAURIE. We flip out and get his autograph and take pictures with him, which I'll make sure to get up on my pictures section of the website. He's a character man oh man. What a great guy. He would pose just like the SUPERDAWG on the roof. Anyways, we couldn't stop talking about it all day.

Finally, the show rocked and I got to see a ton of friends whom I hadn't seen in such a long time. That's always a great feeling. The girls in Chicago are so cute, it's ridiculous. Monica.....!!!!! If you're reading this....They're so cute!! ARGhhhhhH!!!! After the show, there was a party in the basement of the club called the SMART BAR and I danced til nearly 1 AM.

We crashed at our friends Erik and Nolans pad and ordered pizza and watched KILL BILL. I stayed up til' past 4 AM, didn't brush my teeth, and finally colapsed. ZZZZZZZZZZZ......

Peace always, Mike Park