April 21, 2004
1:27 PM

Day two of the tour was another amazing experience. We played this beautiful theater in Madison called the Majestic Theater. Unfortunately the venue owners seemed to be more concerned with making moeny at the bar than the show and what we were trying to do. That was frustrating, but with that being the only deterent....that's not so bad. I woke up early yesterday morning because they were doing construction in the hotel room next to ours. But it was friggin 7 AM. What the hell. Quality INN was the name of the hotel, so remember that. By the way, I should quickly tell you who I'm touring with in my big red van.

#1-Hiro Tanaka-From Tokyo, Japan, Hiro is running the Plea For Peace booth and also selling my cd's. He's extremely funny with a glowing personality.
#2-Gerry Lundquist-From Grand Island, NB, he is currently the trombone player for MU330, but on this tour he is here to drive the big red van and to supply hours of non-stop entertainment.
#3-Stefan Marolachakis-From NYC, he is running the MUSIC FOR AMERICA booth and getting people registered to vote. So far after 2 shows, we all give him two thumbs up.

Anyways, the bonus of waking up early was getting the opportunity to find the breakfast buffett. This was a positive that almost cancels out the 7 AM wake up call. They had a waffle bar, toast, cereal, fruit, muffins, yogurt, juice, and even eggs(though they were sitting out there for quite awhile). Plus we all took fruit for the road which I am eating right now. Woohoo. Geez, it's only the 3rd day of tour but I feel like I've been gone forever. Not in a bad way, but I just feel like I'm in the groove of touring. The crazy news of yesterday was getting a call from Denali saying they cannot perform on the tour and are probably breaking up. This was insane for us to hear, but with such positive people on the road we didn't miss a beat last night.

I am in the big red van headed for Chicago to see old friends, meet new friends, and hopefully play some good music. We'll see how I do. Argghhh...

Peace always, Mike Park