April 11, 2004
9:41 AM

Aloha and a shaka brah to everyone. Today is the last full day here in Hawaii. I've surfed by brains out and I may be surfed out. My right foot is cut up from the coral and it hurts. Ouch. Perhaps a break from surfing will do me good. I played 2 shows in Hawaii and to be honest, they weren't the best. The first night, the PA system sounded like I was singing through a megaphone and the crowd noise was so loud that I just couldn't get into it. And last night, I just wasn't in the right frame of mind from the start, but it actually turned out to be a lot more fun than I expected. Last night was the first time I said nothing between songs. I just played the music, closed my eyes, and tried to groove to the rhythms coming from my guitar.

Me and Gerry Lundquist have been hanging out with the locals and have met up with some great people. Thanks to Chris Hagashimoto, John Wood, Amy, and Johnny Swoiz for hanging out. You made the trip killah brah!! Tonight we're heading out to Kailua for some BBQ fun at Johnny's parents house. I've been there before and it's beautiful!! yes, I'm excited because it means free food!

Mahalo and Peace to everyone, Mike Park