April 01, 2004
8:22 AM

My week has consisted of no real excitement. I've stayed in all week and have been cooking myself lots of toaster oven meals. That translates into lots of frozen foods, such as pizza and boca chicken patties. Yummm... Wash that down with some OJ and you've got yourself a balanced meal.

Today, my friend Chris Candy will be coming in for a visit. We'll then traverse two hours to the quaint town of Davis, California and in particular to the UC DAVIS campus where we will table for Plea For Peace at the PUNKVOTER tour with NOFX and ALKALINE TRIO. I wonder how that'll be?

I'm quite curious to see how the politics blend in with the crowd. Can it be that only liberals listen to punk rock? Hmmm... Yesterday I took a noon time break and headed over to Santa Cruz to go surfing once again. This makes it three times in the last 30 days. That's more than I've gone in the last 3 years.

My conclusion after this last session of surfing is that I am pretty bad. I paddle and paddle, but I go nowhere. After riding a nice wave, it took me 20 minutes of paddling to try and get back out to a surfable spot. Watching others just fly by me. Am I doing something wrong?
I had drifted so far left in doing so I couldn't ride another wave and my arms were so exhausted that I had nothing left to try to catch the few waves that were coming my way.. Hence, I gave up and paddled back in.

This is not to say I will give up. I am committed to this new sport as it will give a break to my legs and the pounding they take on the basketball court. Any new form of excercise is exciting to at least try and this seems like a pretty good way to do it. Being in the ocean and looking out at sea and hearing the sea lions bark is pretty neat stuff. If only I could paddle.... Argghhh

Peace, Mike Park