September 19, 2003
6:59 AM

Yes, I know it's early....but I need to fly to Colorado by 9 AM and desperately need to get some work done. I've been putting tons of stuff off for the last few months and it's piling up to some extremely high levels. First and foremost I've already broken my Movie night agreement with Miya. We didn't go last night because yours truly was too tired. WA! WA! Yeah, I know...pretty weak, but I was so exhausted I just wanted to go to sleep. So here I am saying good morning to the world and I hope you have a fabulous weekend. I won't have a computer with me for the next few days, so perhaps no newsletter from me. Can you even call this a newsletter? What the hell is it that I'm writing. I don't even know if anyone reads this. Does anyone read this? If you do email me at and just say "Hey, I read your newsletter". Thanks people.. Have a good day. It's too early for music, so nothing is being listened to right now except the humm of the computer.

Peace always,
Mike Park