March 27, 2004
5:44 PM

I'm sincerely sorry for the lack of writing by me. I've been..... not really busy, but still kind of busy. Yesterday was a blur of a day as I did the normal work at the label and then headed to San Francisco to see the same show I had seen in Austin a week prior. It was the Japan Nite Tour featuring all girl bands from ....Yes, you guessed it.. Japan. Super good last week and super good last night.

I went to San Francisco and picked up a friend named Monica. I've known Monica for awhile, but we never hung out on a one on one outing. Wow, she looked beautiful. More beautiful than I ever remember, but my goal was nothing more than to hang out with a friend and see some music.

But I couldn't help but be attracted to her and had this nervous feeling in my stomach all evening. Sometime during the 2nd band I asked if I could kiss her and she said "NO".. And I sunk.. But then she said "Why do you want to kiss me?" and I replied "Fun". And then she said "Ok" and we kissed.

I ran into a ton of people I knew and one of them was a guy named Jack Dean whom I hadn't seen in years. We embraced and talked a bit, but it was late and we didn't get to really bond and I was with Monica and wanted to hang out with her. The show finished and we went for a walk and talked. Yes, if you know me then you know this is one of my favorite things to do. And we ended up getting a burrito at taqueria cancun on Mission and 19th. More kisses and embraces and a wonderful evening has my head spinning once again thinking and thinking and thinking....

Peace always, Mike Park