March 25, 2004
11:26 AM

Dearest friends. I received a link from a friend who was disturbed by the racist implications of this blurb in Details magazine. Here is the link(For some reason, when I place these links, they won't work and all my text underneath becomes a link. So please, just cut and paste to see the sites. Also, on the koa records link, there's an underscore after details and before asian. I don't know why it won't show up, but hopefully you can get this to work): />
If this angers you, please take time to sign the petition below.

http:// />
or you can write the magazine directly at:

Other than this garbage, I'm doing pretty great. I had a beautiful day off yesterday in San Francisco. My volunteer job at the blind center got me free everything yesterday. I took 3 wonderful people to San Francisco and everything was paid for. The food, the parking, the gas, and boat trip that went under the golden gate bridget, past Alcatraz, and back to pier 41. Woohoo!!

Peace always, Mike Park