March 21, 2004
1:53 PM

6:00 AM eating Veggie Tacos after eating a full meal at 3:00 AM means me not feeling so good. My mouth has a rustic taste to it right now as I sit here at Grant Olneys apartment wearing dirty clothes. Ya see.. I've run out of clean laundry days ago and am recyling... per se.. I just took a shower and washed some underwear and a t-shirt with me in the shower. Hopefully they will dry by the time I leave for the airport. That's two hours from now. I hope.. I hope..

Last night I walked 53 minutes to get downtown and to my destination of JAPAN NITE @ the Elysium. All the bands from Japan were all girl bands and I was quite impressed by the talent. If you know me well, then you know I am huge fan of Japan. The music, culture, and of course the girls are super duper cute. So you can probably tell I was pretty excited. I met up with my old pal Gerry Lundquist who was in Skankin' Pickle. He was road managing POLYSICS(I got him the job mofos) and that gifted me the chance to hang out with him last night.

But after a few hours, Gerry was gone.. poof.. He dissappeared(Did I spell that right?) Hmmm... It's ok. I can do the solo thing. I met this girl Arianna, who was super cute. I hate hitting on girls. But she had great fashion style and she
must like Japanese bands since she was there. Anyways, I think she said she was half Irish, half Spanish? Hmmm... I could be totally wrong.

Anyways, it was mostly small talk with her, but I did make sure I told her she was cute. It was harmless, yet the truth and hopefully it made her smile. I left the club at 1:00 and met up with Eidelyn to get some food. Eidelyn has great style too. I was thinking...HMMM... Arianna had 50's style fashion and here I am with Eidelyn who is a 50's style girl. HMMM...

Anyways, we wanted to go to a cool cafe and did the 50 minute walk W. of the U. of Texas to Kerby Lane. It was a nice walk. The conversation was great, the weather was perfect, and it was just fun. We talked about a bunch of stuff and I realized I really like this girl and told her that
if I wasn't still in love with my ex-I would love to go out. I think that's what I said.

Hmmm... Well, we ate some great grubb, talked more, and the time flew by. We embraced, the evening was over and then I walked to Grants house. More conversation with another friend Seth who was over and the next thing you know..the sun is making an appearance...ZZZZZZZZZ....

Peace always, Mike Park