March 20, 2004
4:33 AM

Ok, I'm officially out of my mind tired. I am lying in a roll away bed next to a passed out Dan Andriano. This evening was such a blur. I'm just kind of mesmerized by everything and I just don't know what I'm thinking? Hmmmmm.....

I witnessed the drunk insanity of Against Me and Dillinger 4. Saw and heard David Cross. Listened to Jello Biafra banter leftist politics. Was asked to take my picture with the most beautiful girl. Drank free beer. Wore a three button suit in the hot Austin, Tx. night.
I watched Polysics play. Talked to the president of Sony Japan.

Saw my friend Eidelyn from San Jose. Rode in a pedicab with her as we contemplated going to a dance club. Said goodbye to Eidelyn. Talked to the new friends I made on tour. Said goodbye to my new friends. Took a cab to the hotel and now I am wide eyed awake though I'm physically exhausted beyond belief. Argghhh...

Peace, Mike Park