March 18, 2004
4:23 PM

I have stumbled into an internet cafe in Dallas, Tx.. There is little time again, but I hope to update y'all on things. I've caught a bit of a cold and the long drives and changing weather and my excitement of being with good friends has turned my head round and round and made me a bit off centered.

But alas, I'm doing fantastic and there's a lot to be said for that. First off, I've had the honor of hanging out with the greatest punk band in the world. They are called The Dillinger Four. From MPLS, MN. they embody all that is punk. Philosophy, musically, and as people. I am stoked to have been able to become better acquainted with them.

I've come to the conclusion that Lawrence Arms loves Cracker Barrell. What else? There's a lot of great people in the world, but there's also a lot of mean, mean people. Last night on St. Patricks day I was able to see both worlds. Lots of friendly punk rockers, but also witnessed a big fight and it made me sad thinking about the aggression being pulled out by people.

ARgghhh... so is life I guess. I was in Oklahoma City last night by the way. The weather has been fantastic and that's a good thing. Well, there's a line of people waiting to use this computer, so I better get going.

Peace always, Mike Park