March 16, 2004
10:38 PM

I'm in an internet cafe in lawrence, KS. I've got a sore throat and it's chilly cold here. I don't have a jacket, just sweatshirt and I think that's the root of my throat being sore. I don't play any shows for the next 3 nights, but I will tagging along with the Lawrence Arms guys as I hitch a ride to Austin, Tx. to go see POLYSICS play. Man...There's so many things I want to share with y'all, but I have no time to write. I didn't bring my laptop and now I'm kicking myself as I could have written on the long drives. Argghhh.. Oh well. That's the way it goes sometimes. I'll try to give a quick recap of my last few days:
Sunday-Arrived in Indianapolis at 6:41 AM
7:30 AM-got picked up by Patrick whom I never met before but answered my request for a ride from the airport.
8:00 AM-Patrick is a good guy and we go for a walk to get some tea and bagels. It's freezing by the way
9:30 AM-Get back to Patricks apartment and I fall asleep til 3 PM
3:30 PM-eat a bannana and then take a shower
4:00 PM-Head on over to the show
7:00 PM-Meet some really amazing people at the show and got a $25 gift card from these nice girls
9:00 PM-play the show. Good time.. good people fun fun fun
10:30 PM-show is over, go to get food with Neil from Lawrence Arms, see Julie Wager who drove to the show from Chicago and eat with her.
11:30 PM-play cards with Neil and Sean from LARMS til the wee hours of the morning, I lose $15 and finally fall asleep.
11AM-Wake up
11:30 AM-I leave with LARMS to go to ST. LOUIS.
12:00 PM-We arrive at Cracker Barrel to eat food. I order oatmeal. YUMMM.. Not really
1PM-We drive the next four hours to St. Louis, my throat starts to really hurt
5PM- arrive in St. Louis, it's cold. Play pool with Larms members, I win most games. I stuff the holes with newspaper so we can play for free after the initial payment. Everyone is scared, but why??
7 PM-Doors open, kids come in.. and have some good conversation. A nice young man drives all the way from LINCOLN to come to the show. that's dedication.
9:30 PM-I play music to the crowd. Nobody boos, so I take that as a good sign.
11:00 PM-show is over and we all head over to Ted from MU330's house
Argghhh.. I need to continue later.

peace always, Mike Park