September 18, 2003
11:11 AM

My back is killing me and I am truly feeling my age today. No more flips on the concrete for this dude. I feel overwhelmed a bit today. I'm leaving tomorrow morning for Colorado to celebrate the marriage of my friend Brendan Kelly. Do you know him? He's a good boy, but the thought of him being married is so strange to me. Anyways, what the heck am I doing. I'm so scatter brain right now. Staring blankly at a pile of work that needs to be done. Will I ever get organized? Does it even matter? What does organization mean anyways. Ok, lots of work for me, means this newsletter is done. Be good everyone. I listened to the new Peacocks album that will be out in January or February of next year...Very good stuff. No other music has been listened by my ears this morning.

Peace always,
Mike Park