March 13, 2004
3:55 PM

I am relaxing in the abode of Mr. Skiba. He's playing james bond everything or nothing on playstation and is trying to save the world, but he keeps crashing and cursing at the screen. I 've lost my phone charger. It's the first time I've ever lost a charger and now I feel helpless without my phone. To be so reliant on your cell phone is not what I want, but ya know.. that's what happens.

We just saw Secret Window with Johnny Depp. I give it **1/2 stars as it just didn't leave me with that wow feeling. yesterday I saw Passion of the Christ and it was a pretty heavy movie. Really intense and powerful.
I played the troubadour last night. Miya was in LA visiting her parents and she came to the show. Met some great people and had a good time. I even played a new song that I almost played perfectly. I still get so nervous playing live. I wish this would end, but ya know... What can I do? It's just the way it goes.

I'm leaving tonight, heading out to Indianapolis to join up with the Lawrence Arms for a couple shows. Should be fun. I'm looking forward to seeing my friends. Thanks to all who said hello at the shows this past few days. It was a pleasure meeting y'all. Be well, smile big, and be good.

Peace always, mike park