March 10, 2004
10:21 AM

My back is killing me. Uggh.. My mind is on frantic right now. That's because I'm leaving tomorrow for 11 days. I'm not quite sure why I freak out anytime I go out of town. Even if it's a short trip like this, but my body turns to mush and my mind starts playing tricks on me. I feel as if I'm forgetting something important.

What's the worst thing that can happen to me? Let's say I somehow forget to pay my taxes. What happens? I pay a penalty! Sucks, but oh well. I'm not gonna die. But I'll stress about little stupid things like that thinking I'm gonna miss the deadling on some bill or whatever. It's frustrating. I need to just relax. I should start smoking pot.

Today I'm heading up to Fat Wreck Chords to meet up with Fat Mike. Kind of silly thing. Me and Mike are going to be guests on this commercial radio station called LIVE 105. I'm not a big supporter of commercial radio, but they asked if we would come in and talk about punk voter, which is mike's cause and I'm a member of. So that should be kind of interesting. I'll report back on how that goes. If you read this before 4 PM PST, then check it out at 105.3 FM. Or hopefully you can hear it via the web somehow. I don't know?

Last night I watched 16 candles and was once again assured that the 80's ruled. There's nothing like it. The music, the fashion, the dancing. RULES!! Well, I better get going. Have a good day y'all.

Peace always, Mike Park