March 09, 2004
11:19 AM

Yesterday I surfed..and I conquered. Well, I surfed, but I didn't really conquer. In fact, I think it's safe to say I was the worst surfer out in the water. But I did stand up twice and I look pretty cool in my wet suit. My shoulders are sore and my feet hurt, but that's okay. The water in Santa Cruz is cold... Brrrr...

The weather is ridiculous right now. This is summertime conditions we're dealing with. I have no reason to be working when i could be out in the sun playing in the dirt. But alas, I'm a resonsible boy. I'm looking out my window right now watching the birds play. "hi little bird".
Sigh..It would be awesome to fly. Oh well. Anyways, I better get going. Have a good day.

Peace, mike