March 08, 2004
1:59 PM

I'm extremely sorry for not writing anything until today. I had a hard time getting to a computer for more than 2 minutes at a time during the weekend. Ok, let's backtrack to last Friday..

Woke up early, did some work and then headed off to UC Berkeley to play the lower sproul noon time show. I arrived to a bit of a light rain, but fortunately it held up for my show. There was a pretty sparse turnout. Perhaps 50 people, but I enjoyed myself for the most part. Battling the sounds of the UC Berkeley marching band and a parade of kids wearing royal blue t-shirts running around in the background made for an interesting experience. I thought I played well, but I kept hearing the damn marching band blasting away. Oh well. That's ok.

Tim Armstrong came to the show, which was nice. I think people were more excited that he was there, then that I was playing. HA HA.. I hadn't spoken to him in a few years, so it was great to see how things were going with him. Anyways, after I played the show. I tried to sell CD's on stage to the crowd of people. There was one asian girl who came up to say hi and I wasn't able to talk cause there were others around I didn't want to be rude. But....You were so cute and I wanted to talk to you and if for some small miracle you read this and you think it was you.. Please email me. ARgghhh.. This is cheesy, but I'm pretty cheesy.

Ok, afterwards I went down to Telegraph to get some food with some friends and we had a salad at Cafe Intermezzo. I hadn't eaten there in over 10 years. And you know what? It hasn't changed a bit. The salad is still huge and the nice big piece of bread is still yummy.. I couldn't even finish my salad it was so big. And I can eat lots. After lunch I headed to Miyas house. She lives right near Gilman. She wasn't home, but she gave me her key so I could relax before the show. I ended up taking a 3 hour nap. That felt so good. I was extremely happy about that.

I headed off to Gilman and met up with the nice lads in Against Me and Grabass Charlatans. Really friendly people. I don't think anybody in Lucero said hello to me. In fact I said hello to one guy in passing and he totally blew me off. He probably didn't hear me, but it felt weird. Oh well. I'm not going to pass judgement. I'm sure they're great people.

After a few hours it was time for me to play. Gilman was packed. Against Me are friggin huge. I thought the show went fairly well. I played pretty decent and I think the crowd appreciated my set. I had one heckler in the crowd, but I ignored him. My friend Devon said he confronted the guy and said "He has more to say tonight than you'll ever have in your whole life". Wow.. Sticking up for me. Damn.. Devon has been going to Gilman since 1987 and has never been in a confrontation until that night. I guess he was standing right next to the guy and he just wouldn't let up. I don't mind heckling. It's just the unintelligible heckling that bothers me. Trading mentality with someone who I equate with the "Beavis and Butthead" generation is not what I'm shooting for.

I stuck around for an hour after my set and then headed off to San Francisco to see POLYSICS. They had just arrived from Japan in the morning. They must have been so tired. Anyways, I felt bad for having to leave the gilman show early, but I had to see POLYSICS. They are the best band in the world. Of course I got lost on my way to the show, but eventually made it there and scored parking right near the venue. WOOHOO!! I ran up to the entrance of Cafe Du Nord sporting a brown 60's mod suit. And in I went. That's 2 weeks in a row at the same club.

The band before POLYSICS were playing and I waited patiently to see the magic of POLYSICS. I saw a bunch of friends and lots of hugs were thrown around. After awhile, POLYSICS hit the stage and rocked so hard. My neck still hurts from head banging. Ouch.. The keyboardist for POLYSICS is the cutest girl in the world. I love her.

The show finished and we hung out for a bit. Damn, time was flying by. I crashed at Miyas house again since we were going to go to the POLYSICS show on Sat. @ Amoeba and I didn't want to drive all the way back to the south bay. We got a late night burrito..YUMM.. and then headed to the east bay. For some strange reason I ended up waking up at around 8 AM. I couldn't sleep! So I went for a walk. I ended up walking for nearly 2 hours and eventually ended up at UC BERKELEY. Strange. I just kept walking and walking. By the time I got back to Miyas house I thought she'd be awake, but no. So I waited patiently.

Suddenly I get a call from the translator from POLYSICS who says that their road manager has had an asthma attack and has passed out. They were stuck on the road in SF. So I got Miya to wake up and we headed to the city. Traffic sucked and we couldnt' get there in time to help them, so their roadie who is from Japan just said fuck it and drove to Amoeba. WOOHOO!! They totally made it no problem and we met them at the store. The place was pretty packed. They had a good turnout and of course, they were amazing again. They sold every cd that the store had nad just completely blew people away. I was impressed.

After the show, we ate a burrito and then headed to the Bottom of the Hill for my show. For some reason I got super nervous at the show. I usually get nervous, but I felt sick. I thought I played horribly and just wouldn't let it go. I told myself in the past that I wouldn't let bad shows get to me, but I just couldn't let it pass. It really bummed me out. Oh well. I still met some great people and it was still probably more positive than negative.

After a few hours of sleep, MIya calls and she is outside my house. Ya see, I'm gonna help her with a short film she's making and we start recording early. I was so sleepy. ANyways, we start filming along with friends Pepito, Kris, Greg, and Tobin. A break for Vegan food mid day and that was my sunday.

I could have written more, but ya know... This was way too long and reading back over it... Not so exciting reading. Sorry about that. Well, that is all for now. Have a good Monday. I'm off to go surfing in about 2 hours.

peace always, Mike Park