March 04, 2004
10:51 AM

So far, in the nearly 2 hours I've been at work...I believe I've done nothing. I have checked my messages via email/Friendster/and Myspace, but actual work...ZERO. I looked through some old photos that are going to be used on a re-release of Skankin' Pickle. DOes that count as work? Hmmm... I wonder.

Had a good rehearsal last night. Me and my guitar playing late into the night. I got paranoid and thought the people who live below me were getting pissed. Perhaps I was too loud. I don't know? I hope not. They have a baby, so I can understand trying to keep in quiet. Tonight, me and Miya are going to ride bikes around the downtown area to scout locations to shoot a short movie that Miya is doing for her film class.

That's pretty great. Getting to hang out with one of my best friends and getting to do one of my favorite things and that's riding my bike at night. Fun fun.. eh? Well, get ready for a huge weekend. I play at UC Berkeley at noon tomorrow, then I play at Gilman St. at night, then after Gilman, I go to San Francisco and catch POLYSICS. They are playing at Cafe Du Nord. Then hopefully I can crash at a friends house in the city and go see POLYSICS play at Amoeba in SF during the day and then at night I play at Bottom Of The Hill. Did you catch all that? Then Sunday I'm gonna film a movie where I will be the friggin STAR!!

Peace, Mike Park