March 03, 2004
9:52 am

I just woke up and that's not such a good thing. I hate getting a late start, but ya know....that's how it goes sometimes. The weekly Tuesday club gathering at Eidelyn's was sparse in turnout. But we did manage to make a return visit to Sugars Coffee shop, where our waitress Danielle was working once again. My jubilant personality was perhaps too much this time as Eidelyn kept saying "don't do that". Really? I thought to myself. Why? Did I do something wrong? I think Eidelyn thougtht I was gawking at her everytime she waltzed by. I disagree. I think I was just appreciating the hard work and wondering if I should hire her to work at asian man. Yup.

This week Danielle said my face glows. Is that a compliment or perhaps I am too shiny in the cheeks due to my asian heritage. I guess I'll never know. Late nights on weekdays are catching up on this old man as my back aches. Perhaps some ibuprofen and a warm bath will help. My best friend from grade school just called me and said he's coming home this weekend, but my weekend is full and busy. That's always how it works out. Aint it a shame.

Two more days and I have three shows to rock the bay area. I'm playing two shows with against me and have only heard good things about these guys from Florida. We'll see. I hope they're nice as it's always refreshing to meet good people in the music industry. Well, I better get going. Have a great day and smile big.

Peace always, Mike Park