March 02, 2004
9:08 PM

2 days ago Sunday I went to a San Jose State basketball game. It was the last game of the season for the men's basketball team. They only won one game in their division play which is not so good, but nonetheless I find it very entertaining, The best part is that I went up to the entrance and said "Hi, I can't find my student body card. Is it okay if I still get in free?" and the lady working smiled and said "Yeah, that's no problem. Go on in". Damn!! Score again for me. I saved a whopping $5.

Yesterday I went to Hijinx Comics on 2nd St. to Joe Demuro's art exhibit. That's a lot of art in the last few days. But anyways, this guy is super talented. But the paintings were like $1,300 each. Yikes! I can't even pay the $5 to go to a basketball game. But there was free food and apple cider, so I was a happy guy.

I went for a bike ride after the art show and grabbed some tea at the camera cafe. Talked to some friends who were hanging out in the patio and then did one of my favorite things....And that's to ride and drink tea at the same time. It was a pleasant evening based on the fact that I could feel my fingers. I decided to ride the back streets of Reed and climb to the higher numbered streets.. Next thing you know I was in the middle of nowhere and noticed my back tire was pretty low on air.

But with no gas station in sight I head back towards the home front. Lucky me, the tire survives and I make it back to the safety of my attic apartment.

I have shows this weekend, so I practice my set and work on some new songs. That lasts about an hour and then I read a comic called LOVE. It was short, but sweet. Funny comic giving advice for perfect romance, but it was everything you shouldn't do. HA HA.. I slept well. ZZZZZZZZZZ

Peace, Mike Park