September 17, 2003
7:05 PM

It's already 7 PM. Yikes. Today I was trained to work with the blind. I haven't been doing much volunteer work in the last year, so I finally got my lazy self to go down and sign up for some new opportunities. I had a lot of fun. Met a lot of great people and learned a lot of stuff about blindness. It was cool stuff. If anyone lives in the bay area of Northern California and wants to help out, they particulary need people on Wednesdays. Basically you're just there to hang out and talk to people. It's pretty neat and you get free doughnuts. Woohoo!! I played basketball at noon and took an inadvertent elbow to my upper lip and ouch, I've got a fat lip now. Ok, I'm gonna get something to eat now. I'm starving!! Hope y'all had a good day.

Peace always,
Mike Park