March 01, 2004
8:32 AM

I have a zit on the right side of my chin. I spent the weekend trying to pop it. It first showed it's face on Friday night and yesterday I really gave it a good squeeze, but nothing happened. Just a lot of pain and that's no fun. My old roomate Julie left some OXY deep pore cleaning pads in the bathroom, so I used that. I don't know if it'll ever go away. Perhaps it's a part of my life.

This last Friday night I went to Los Altos to pick up this girl Kristy. We headed off to San Francisco where we were to go to an art show. I was a bit nervous, since I had a crush on this girl more than 10 years ago. She was punk as F*CK back in the day, but those days are long gone for her. She's very Melrose place now or sex in the city perhaps. That's not bad, she's still cool. Well, we took off for the city and conversation was great all the way up. Luckily for me she has a good sense of direction for the city, which I don't have. We even found street parking, which saved me a good $10 on garage parking.

It was around 8 PM when we arrived and saw a ton of punks milling about outside the art show. Next door was a bar called the Hemlock, which I had been to in the past to see some live music. We decided to get a beer. Me.....I know nothing about beer except it's usually brown in color. But Kristy seems to be a pro and she says let's get a Fat Tire, so that was the choice. More good conversation and great tunes spilling out of the juke box(Black Flag and XTC) and a couple more pints later, the time is flying by and now it's nearly 9:30 and the art show ends at 10 PM. Yikes... So we finish up and head next door. Ooooooh... It's scenester night at the art show, as the who's who in punk rock are all about. Members of Rancid, Nofx, Alkaline Trio, and many more bands are in attendance.

After an hour of mingling and looking at dark art, me and Kristy decide to go to a place called Cafe Du Nord. The reason being is that I knew that Lars, my old band mate from Skankin' Pickle worked there on Fridays and Kristy hadn't seen him since the early 90's. So we cab it over there. The door cover is $10, but I slyly ask if Lars is working and ask if we can go down and just say hello. And we're in for free. By the way, I'm wearing a grey vintage 60's suit with a red dress shirt and tie. Everything is vintage, cause that's what I do. Ya know what I'm saying. Anyways, just so you can visualize my appearance.

Well, we head down and spot Lars working hard. We embrace and I say this is my friend Kristy. Thinking there's no way he'd remember, but he knew right away. Spoiled that suprise. Oh well. But Lars hooks us up with free drinks and in the chaos I bump into a ton of people that I know including this one girl named Jen Frazee. Now Jen Frazee is perhaps one of the best looking girls in the world. If you live in Northern California, then you've seen her on the Streetlight Records commercials. She's the good looking girl that they always use...because.....well, she's good looking. We get into a good conversation and Kristy is to the right of me and she's talking to Lars, so I don't feel so bad in terms of being rude. I tell Jen she's beautiful and she blushes. I've told her this before so it's nothing new.

But she's in a steady relationship (dammit!!) and that's cool. Man, I've written a lot. Ok, let's try to wrap this up. Next thing you know, the show is over and people are leaving and Kristy wants to go dancing, so me being up for anything always, agree and we go to a place called the END UP. Which I guess is a famous place in San Francisco. Kristy tells me it's a gay bar and we go in to a stereo typical gay bar that you would see in the movies. Most men have their shirt off and are ummm.....hmmmm... ummmm... well, being gay I guess. So we start to dance and I get hit on by at least 3 men, but I just grab Kristy and keep dancing. By the way it's about 3 AM when we get there. After some more dancing, I grab Kristy and we kiss for the first time. Kind of a surreal atmosphere. Me in a suit, in a gay bar, kissing a girl whom I had a crush on over 10 years ago. Well.....Why not. We dance til' sunrise and then I drive her home. More good conversation as I am wilting from exhaustion and I drop her off and then I go home. ZZZZZZZZZZZZ......

Peace always, Mike Park