February 27, 2004
9:52 AM

I set my alarm for 5:30 AM cause I wanted to go to a yoga class. I've never gone, but have wanted to for years. Guess what? Yup.. You guessed it. The alarm went off and I said "You've got to be kidding" and went to sleep until 8:22 AM. That' almost 3 hours of extra sleep. Good for me? Hmmm....

Tonight I'm going to an art show. It's Heather from Alkaline Trio's art show. She's the girl who does all their merchandise and sells the stuff at shows. So, if you've seen them before you know whom I'm talking about. I asked this woman named Kristy Larsen to go with me.

I'm curious if this constitutes a date or not? I just said "What are your plans this weekend"? "Do you want to go to an art show with me"? She said "OK".. Hmmmm... I'll figure it out and report back tomorrow. Wish me luck.

Peace always, Mike Park