February 25, 2004
4:31 PM

I really need to write these as soon as I wake up. Before my mind is fried, which is the case right now. So let's review yesterdays important actions. I rode my bike to Eidelyns house where most Tuesday nights are spent. At around 11 PM, everyone decides to go to SUGARS, which is a coffee shop about a 52 second walk from Eidelyns.

The difference with this place is the girls that work there. They are scantily dressed to say the least. Ummmm... I don't know what to say really. For comedic relief it was super swell, but I'd never go on my own to actually get coffee or tea. Seeing half naked girls serving and cleaning is pretty strange to be honest. I tried to make conversation with our waitress Danielle. I think she liked me. Well, not really, but that's what I told everyone.

I rode my bike home at around 1 AM and cruised downtown where they had a faux mardi gras going on. This also seemed quite silly. People wearing beads strolling the sidewalks and the woop! woop! music blared from the clubs. Ugghh!! I cruised in the Caravan(the local dive bar) to see if I knew anyone, but I didn't...so I left and went home.

Got home at around 2AMish and made spaghetti cause I was pretty hungry and then read a comic and went to sleepZZZZZZZZZZZZZ......

Peace, Mike Park