February 13, 2004
12:14 PM

I sprained my ankle yesterday playing basketball.
How bad you ask? Pretty bad... I have a brace on and I'm using crutches. I leave for Mexico in 5 days.
Can I get better by then? I sure hope so.
Am I sad? A little bit.
Do you care? Probably not..Maybe a little
Am I crazy? ummm...yes..

Miya and I went out for soup last night at our favorite restaurant and then saw Master and Commander. Yes, it was free. I give it a thumbs up. I enjoyed it. Got the point across without too much blood shed. So good job to the ones who made the movie. Applause.

Tomorrow is Valentines day. For some people it's a big deal and for some it's not. But after being in a relationship with a woman you love with all your heart for three years, it kind of hits home a little. Yeah, that's right...I'm a little sad, but it's cool. So I'm taking my mom out to lunch. Cause I love MOM.

What else have I done? hmmm... What's of interest to y'all. Let me see. I have yet to brush my teeth today. Ummmm... What else? Ummm.... I don't know.. I'll just end it now. Have a good weekend.

Peace always, Mike Park