September 16, 2003
8:37 AM

It's freezing this morning. Sleeping in nothing but boxers can put a chill on you if your covers fall off. Anyways, I've come to the realization that I am unable to just sit at home at night and relax and read a book. I have to be doing something always. You would think in my older age that I would slow down, but I still want to go out every single night and do something. Whether it's a show, movie, playing music, bowling, hanging out at a friends house, etc.. I just don't like sitting at home. As I grow older, my immediate peers are doing less and less of the going out every night routine as they enter the married life, a real job, kids perhaps. I guess the fact that I don't really have a real job makes things a bit different for me. I can't imagine working a 9-5. I have huge respect for those who can handle the grind of a 40 hour week. Yikes!! It gives me chills thinking of it. I'm currently dredding(Is that How you spell it?) the task of calling record stores to make sure they have asian man stuff in stock. That's my job detail today. People have suggested getting interns to do the job. Perhaps this is a good idea. Anybody out there have any experience doing retail? If so, do you want to intern here at asian man records. It pays nothing, but I buy you food and all the free music you want. Let me know if you're interested or know someone who's interested. Ok, I better get back to work. I'm listening to Bjork greatest hits right now. Good stuff.

Peace always,
Mike Park