February 12, 2004
12:53 PM

I just ate lunch with my mom. She's a good cook. We had Korean food which is always nice, but particulary nice since I haven't eaten it in awhile. Mmmmm.. Mmmmm.. Good. Yesterday was quite an adventure. Let's see..Where to start?

I headed off to Santa Cruz at 3:30 PM and got in at around 4 PM. I have an extra bike at my friends house so I grabbed my bike and headed downtown. The weather was sparkling sunshine and it felt like a summer day. Met up with my friend Keebler and we went for a walk. Looked at some thrift stores to find some threads, but no luck there.

A stroll to the record store to see if my record was in stock(It was) and then we decided to get a cocktail at the Red Room. It's a red room, so hence the name. Including red furniture...the whole works. After some banter with some cute girls, we left for the Vets Hall. I excitedly see the guys in Hot Water Music. And embrace them with all my might. They are good guys. The best of the best. My good friend Tito was road managing a band called Randy from Sweden, so I was graced the fantastic priviledge of seeing him also. After some catching up with people, I head off to meet up with this girl Lucy.

Lucy is an intersting person. My all-star newsletter cast member Jason Thinh whom I haven't mentioned in awhile since we haven't hung out in a bit is best friends with Lucy. He likes Lucy, Lucy likes him. But it doesn't work for some strange reason. I'd like to analyze this situation and put my 2 cents in. Jason should really drop everything and hang out with Lucy. As far as I can tell, this girl is pretty cool. Super good loooking, tall as the sky, man hands to boot, has her own place, and has a car. These are all the qualities Jason is missing. Jason is small, kind of squirmish at times, lives with his parents, has no job, no drivers license, and is broke. But he is a genius nonetheless. I'm a big fan. I've mentioned this before.

He considers himself the asian George Costanza. And all I can say is "AMAZING". But it's none of my business. I can only sit back and analyze..perhaps nod my head. I don't know. Just something I thought would be of interest to somebody reading this.

I got free pizza at PIZZA MY HEART. This girl named Brigid whom is the sister of Adam Davis from Desa works there and hooked me up! Thanks dude. I like free and I like Pizza. What else did I do? Hmmm... I went to a bar called the Blue Lagoon at around midnight and met up with Matt Porter. He is a good guy. Him and girlfriend Jessica were dancing there as they were spinning rock and brit pop. So I joined them for a few songs and then rode my bike back to my car. At this point it's freeeeezing...brrr.... Drive home, stop by Taco Bell and get 2 bean burritos. Scarf them down. Arrive back at my apartment at 1:50 AM. Read some comics and go to sleep.zzzzz

Peace, Mike Park