February 11, 2004
10:47 AM

I am lying in bed right now. It's nearly 11 AM, but I'm just lying here to cold to get up. Argghhh. Wednesdays are closed at Asian Man Records, though I usually end up working for a little bit regardless. I'm about to head over to the blind center to hang out and have some fun. Fun is good. Don't you think?

Well, I leave in a week to go to Mexico to surf, but I haven't surfed in over 3 years. This has me worried. I'm worried that I will be so physically tired that the sharks will smell my scent of being tired and think that I was easy prey. No, I'm not really thinking that, but I need to go surfing. Dan Potthast is sick today and we were going to go surfing later in the afternoon. Ya see, I'm too scared to go by myself. Yes, I'm one of those weak hearted persons. Sighhh.....

Last night I saw a horrible movie called the Company. Featuring Neve Cambpell. Do you know her? Well, she was a ballerina before she made it as an actress and this was a ballet movie, but it sucked. Maybe I suck. Regardless, I had no idea what was going on. My friend Ken and I kept looking back at each other shrugging our shoulders. Finally after over an hour we just got up and left. We went for a walk around town and ended up at Original Joes. I think there's an Original Joes in every city, but which one is the original? Hmmm.. It's open til' 1:30 AM and it was late, so that was where we got food. I got a eggplant parmigian sandwhich. Yummm.. Yummm.. It was good and huge in portion, but expensive. $8.95. I guess that's not that much, but with tip, you're looking at $11. Argghhh..

Once in awhile it's ok to do that. Right? Well, I better get going. Everyone have a great day. I'm heading off to Santa Cruz regardless of surfing or not. Hot Water Music is playing and I'm gonna go hang out with my homies. Should be fun as they always rock so hard. And they're the nicest people around.

Peace always, Mike Park