February 06, 2004
1:45 PM

Went to Santa Cruz last night to hang out with Dan Potthast. Along with friends Shannnon, Chris, Greg, and Matt...we went to the Santa Cruz diner for good eats. Good eats in the sense of lots of food for little money. The omelets are insanely large. For $6.99 you get an omelet, with hashbrowns and pancakes. It's a huge omelet too. Argghhh!! I couldn't finish the pancakes though. And I can eat lots and lots. The problem with pancakes are the sponge like qualities that soak up the syrup and it's just so heavy. It fills me up quick.

We then went back to Dan and Shannons pad and listened to music and talked. Driving back home from Santa Cruz, Chris was in charge of the Stereo and played some funny stuff I'd never heard. Man, I can't remember the name of this one band, but he said they were getting huge and the singer dude sang so hi. I think they're from Europe. Darkness? Is that a band. Hmmm... Well, it's always good to be educated on new music. There's so much out there.

Had a great nights sleep which totaled about 8 hours. For me, that's an eternity. I had a strange dream again. I dreamt that roomate was ticked off at me for some odd reason and I just don't get it. I can't really piece it together anymore, but I remember being confused as to why I was being glared out with evil eyes. Tonight I'm going to SF to meet up with my friend Mara for dinner and a show. And then tomorrow I'm going to the Oakland Coliseum for A's FAN FEST. $5 to walk on the field, meet the players and have a good time. I bet we're the only adults without kids there. Hmmmm...

Peace always, Mike Park