February 05, 2004
11:29 AM

Once, twice, three times a lady! In my case.. Once, twice, three times a movie? What the? That doesn't make sense. I was just trying to write something clever to say that I went to the movies again last night, making it three nights in a row. Tokyo Godfathers was the movie. Anime flick based in Tokyo. Three homeless people find an abandoned baby. Paralels of baby Jesus and Christmas theme to boot. Amazing animation and thankfull it was sub-titled and I was satisfied by the amount of Japanese I actually could understand.

Me and my friend Chris went for a long walk around San Jose. A good two hours of walking and talking. We of course ate at Tofu Com Chiey and then the long walk was a perfect compilment to the big meal. It wasn't too cold, just right. I didn't have gloves on and I could still feel my fingers, so that's a good sign.

The streets were busy as school is back in session, so students were milling about and the restaurants were full and people were chomping away on their food. Let's just say it was a good night for the local businesses. Or that's what it seemed like.

Me and Chris walked home after the movie, talked some more and then relaxed in my apartment. I played guitar and Chris critiqued the music. Ahhh.. How nice of him. And then my eyelids got heavy and the body went limp...Which means I was asleep. ZZZZZZZZZZZZ...

Peace, Mike Park