February 03, 2004
9:47 AM

Is it me? Or is it the drizzling weather outside that is making me feel gloomy. It's so dark right now. It's like a day time scene in a horror flick. I was really wishing for sunshine today. I am ready for spring. For the birds to chirp loudly as the smell of flowers fill the air. And pollen, which makes me sneeze and the eyes water, and the nose starts to run, and I can't breathe....Hmmmmm.. Maybe this weather aint so bad. It's wet, but at least my allergies aren't affected.

On to the next Subject. That is the movie "Girl With A Pearl Earring" starring the beautiful Scarlett Johanson. Amazing. Such a beautiful movie, but if you're not into romantic renaissance thinking movies. You better stay away from this one. Diving into the senior citizen circuit, the audience was filled with +40 age group. Not a teen to be found in the theater. Except me.. But I'm not a teen you ask? Well, I act like one. Does that count?

Scarlett Johanson is so beautiful. I wonder if she knows who I am? What if she's a fan of my music and only thinks of me? ZZZZZZZZZZ... Huh...Oooops... I was a dreaming again. Sorry.
I had a productive work day yesterday and am caught up on a lot of stuff. Ahhhhh...that makes things a lot easier.

Peace, mike park