February 02, 2004
12:19 PM

I never left my moms house last night. I just stayed in and did nothing. Even the futile attempt at playing guitar lasted only a few minutes. I kept telling myself "It's time to go home", but I just kept lounging about. It's easy to just sit lounge about and that's what I did.
There was a show called bands re-united on VH1 last night. They showed a bunch of them back to back. What an amazing show. I got to see the ALARM, KAJAGOO GOO, and DRAMARAMA.

Wow. My head hurts from being so lazy. But I've gotten off to a good start today. Tackling a bunch of work, so I feel pretty good about myself. I woke to the pattering of rain. It was coming down so hard today. Rain, rain go away...I like the sun. Can't we have sunny days year round? We can just drink juice and bathe in milk. WHo needs water.

I'm meeting up with a friend later to see Girl With a Pear Earring. I love Scarlett Johanson. RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR............ back to work for me.

Peace, Mike Park