September 15, 2003
10:51 AM

Happy Monday or perhaps not so happy for many of you. I like Mondays. It's a start of a new week(though Sunday is officially the first day of the week), a start of something fresh and exciting, a chance to ditch the mistakes of the previous week and make good on that promise to yourself. Perhaps it's finishing that great book you started, or maybe it's planting some flowers in your backyard, or baking a cake, putting together that model train, or what about that dental floss that hasn't been used in a few years eh?? Anyways, it's a good day. Every day is a good day. Yeah right!! Well, today I am trying to be productive. That's actually my goal everyday, but sometimes it works better than others. So I better get to work. Asian Man Records is waiting for me to do some work. Here I go. Have a good day today. I'm listening to a band called the Mummies on 12" vinyl right now. Good stuff.

Peace always,
Mike Park