February 01, 2004
8:21 PM

Plantar Fasciitis is no fun. But anyways, I'm at my moms and I'm about to leave for my luxury apartment overlooking nothing really. Had an amazing weekend. Played a fun show in Sacramento last night. I played at the True Love Cafe on J St. It's owned by Kevin Seconds and he's been a hero of mine since the mid-80's.

What a picture of perfection he is.. I envy his passion and his love for life and music. He's opened up a cafe that inspires me to do the same. Encouraging the arts and the people all around. His wife Allyson Seconds rules!! They play music together and their harmonies are beautiful... How amazing they are together.

Whenever I have a chance to talk to Kevin, I feel inspired and motivated to do good. So thank you Kevin for making me feel so comfortable at your cafe. I slept over my friend Kelly and Steve's house. We ate pizza and watched a documentary on Sam Cooke til' the wee morning hours. I woke up at 10 AM to play basketball with Steve's cousin Caeser, but I really wanted to just go back to sleep. ZZZZZZ.... But I'm actually glad to have gotten my lazy ass off the couch.

It took me over 2 hours to drive home, but it was a good chance to take advantage of free weekend minutes on the phone and talk to friends who I don't get a chance to speak to that often. So woohoo! for free minutes. Well, I hope you had a beautiful weekend. Have a great week and smile huge.

peace, mike park