January 29, 2004
4:54 PM

The play I went to last night was powerful and amazing, but......I was falling asleep during the first 45 minutes. I don't know what my problem was, but I couldn't stay awake. I would shake my head hard and pinch myself, but I just kept dozing off. So embarassing, but what can you do. I felt bad and hoped that nobody saw me. Hmmm... Nobody said anything afterwards, so hopefully I'm in the clear.

I've got a major league headache right now and I'm about to go take a nap before I head out to San Francisco to see Duvall. Me and Miya are going to meet up with Matt Skiba for dinner at a place called Millenium. It's a vegan restaurant, but super fancy shmancy.. Expensive is what Miya said. I hate expensive places, but ya know.. Once in awhile it's ok. Hopefully Skiba pays. HA HA. I'm so cheap. SOrry.

Please think positive thoughts for my headache to go away. Cause it's borderline migraine right now. Take care and be healthy during these winter months. Brrrrr.... is what my friends in Chicago say. Brrrr...

Peace, Mike Park