January 28, 2004
1:40 PM

My throat is sore...Meaning, I'm still a bit sick, but there's no time to be sick when you've got tons to do and places to go and people to see. You know what I'm saying. Anyways, I got to see a great movie last night called Valley Girl. It was made in the mid 80's. I've seen it hundreds of times, but seeing it again with people who haven't seen it was quite exciting for me. You see, I grew up in the 80's and could relate to a lot of the stuff in the movie. Yeah..I know.. I'm old, but that's ok. I'm still a kid in many ways.

Tonight I'm going to a play with my friend Mara. SHe's super duper. The play is called Yellowman. I'll report back tomorrow to tell you if it's good or not. Tomorrow Duvall comes into town, which I'm very excited for and I just found out that my friend Kennedy got a new dog. Isn't that exciting!! Well, take care everyone..

Hey...it's now 5:44 PM and I'm in Berkeley. I'm using a friends computer and just wanted to say that I went to Taco Bell and got their cheesy bean and rice burrito for $.99. It sucks. It's gross. Don't get it.

Peace, Mike Park