January 26, 2004
10:23 AM

Hit my snooze button at least five times. My alarm was set for 8:30 AM, but didn't roll out of bed until around 10 AM. I was in such a deep sleep. Sleep can be so much fun. Mmmmmmmm... Yummy sleep. Good.

Had fallafals(Did I spell that right?) last night and talked with friends down on 3rd st.. I've been thinking about opening a cafe downtown. A vegeterian cafe that has a small stage for live music. What do you think? Hmmm... Every city has a great cafe. A place where you can get a tofu scramble and enjoy the ambiance of a great restaurant playing great music, with a nice and friendly staff. With an entire staff of punk rockers who understand the philosophy. But San Jose doesn't have that.. Why? How can it be possible that San Jose has nothing of the sort. It's troubling to me that there's not a place like this in my city. Well, that's my latest vision. We'll see if it ever pans out, but I'd love to do something like that. Fun to think about stuff like that.

Today is Monday of course and there's lots to do, so back to work I go. Enjoy your day and smile big.

Peace always, Mike Park