January 25, 2004
3:00 PM

Last night I played a house party in Santa Cruz. I love playing house parties. They're so fun, so sincere. I was very excited because there was a woman from Japan playing named Sayaka. I had no idea who she was, but I love Japan.

I love the music, the people, the style, the food, manga, anime, and everything in between. And as a bonus, Sayaka was so cute!! Yikes!! And she barely spoke any English, which made her even more cute.

I wanted to bite her on the cheek, but I didn't of course. I tried my best to talk to her with the little Japanese I know. She gave me one of her CD'S and I gave her one of mine. We smiled at each other throughout the evening, but I really wanted to hold her hand and kiss her.

Sigh... But that didn't happen. It's ok, it's fun to daydream about that stuff. I wonder if she liked me? Hmmmm... Oh well, she's heading back to Japan today and we can't communicate. But the language of love is universal right? HA HA... Today I'm relaxing because I feel sick and I'm just trying to fight the powers that inflict yuck and blah upon ones health. Wish me luck.

Peace always, Mike Park