January 23, 2004
2:59 PM

Glorious San Jose St. Spartans Mens Basketball. Last night I attended a game against Boise St. and yes.. my alma mater lost again. Oh well. Poor guys. I met up with an old friend Aaron, who attends San Jose St., which means FREE games for students.

I had to pay $5. We rode bikes and then went on a long ride afterwards. It's fun to ride. We caught up on each others lives and talked about the future and concerns and stuff like that.

After saying goodbye to Aaron I headed back home where my new roomate Christine had gotten Indian food and she called me during the game to see if I wanted food and of course I said YES!! Being able to go home to the aromas of Indian food is quite a treat.

Garlic naan with yummy curries. MMMM..... I love it. We watched VH1's Reunited with KLYMAXXX. I've never even heard of them, but it was so amusing to see this band now. It's an all woman band and they have not aged so well. They would show before and now pictures of them and I was like YIKES!!

Oh well...not everyone can age as gracefully as me. Before and after pictures of me are exactly the same. I look like the same as junior high days. Basically, I'm the best! Give it up for me.. Applause. Just kidding. I'm not an ego-maniac.

I'm off to Berkeley tonight to hang with my dear friend Mara and dinner party she has going on. Should be fun as I enjoy her company always. Tomorrow night I play a party in Santa Cruz.. I hope those who live in the area will come. It'll be FUN!!

Peace always, Mike Park