January 22, 2004
4:39 PM

Well, I didn't go surfing today. Mr. Dan Potthast said "NO WAVES...Don't come".. So I didn't go. What I did do was eat Korean food and a popsicle. Well,I did more than that, but I just ate, so that's what was freshest on my mind. Last night I saw a movie called the Statement. And though I enjoyed the movie, I have to admit I was a bit confused. Perhaps I'm just not so smart, but I was lost. I tend to get lost when the subject matter goes beyond explosions and T and A. JUST KIDDING!! I hate that.. Ha ha.. me funny.

My roomate Christine has a little parakeet and she is out of town and therefore I'm taking care of the bird. She said, the bird likes when you talk to her. So I talked to her. I said "hi..you are a pretty bird. You're so pretty". And then I tried to pet her, but she kept pecking at me. But alas, I think we bonded. She finally got on my finger and then on my shoulder. I was informed to not let her on too long or poo we be on me, so I was a bit scared. Anyways, I've never really hung out with a bird. I dont' even know her name? I wonder if she knows me? I wonder what she is thinking? I wonder if she thought of me today? Hmmm..

Tonight, I'm hanging with Steve Choi from the Chinkees. DO you know him? Should be fun. Haven't seen him in awhile.

Peace out, Mike Park