September 04, 2003
8:19 AM

Hello and greetings. I've finally created a website for my own music and other odds and ends that relate to my silly little world. There's still tons for me to get done, but here's a start to a lot of great stuff(hopefully!!) including guitar tabs, videos, mp3's, and lots more. The goal with this newsletter is to try and write daily. Writing is something I enjoy very much and hopefully I can cure my laziness by writing a small blurb everyday. We'll see I guess. So here's my first entry to this newsletter. It's currently 11 AM and I've been up since 5:27 AM. I was in Las Vegas at that time, but now I'm back at the Asian Man garage. A call from my best friend since grade school put me in Las Vegas last night and after scoring a ticket for $100 on I went to see my friend Kennedy. I was in Las Vegas for less than 10 hours. I arrived at 7:30 PM, took a shuttle to the Mandalay Bay which cost $4.25 compared to around $20 for a taxi. I am extremely frugal by the way. After taking nearly an hour to get to the hotel I meet up with Kennedy. I haven't seen him in a long time so we embrace and are giddy about our meeting. I'm starving at this point and we don't have a lot of time, so we just grab some cheese pizza slices and head for the strip. The goal is to walk from Mandalay Bay which is on one side of the strip to the stratosphere which is on the other side of the strip and ride the BIG SHOT. The weather is extremely hot and dry and I'm dripping sweat. We get handed tons of porn on our walk and wonder if the card with a picture of a girl named Kathy on it stating "she's waiting for us" if she truly is waiting for us?? Hmmmm... We continue are walk and realize....geeezzz...this is far away. We've been walking nearly an hour and it seems like we haven?t even moved. We decide to hop on the bus and ride it to the stratosphere. We start a conversation with an elderly couple from NYC. They are just like the Costanzas from Seinfeld. Yelling at each other, but at the same time they seem pretty nice. We bid them farewell and head to the BIG SHOT. To our dismay, the ride closed at 10PM. ARGGHHHH!!! Now it's around 11 PM and we decide to play some black jack. I have $150 in my wallet with the intention of losing because that's what I do. Within 5 minutes, I've lost $100 and we both move. We go to a different table and meet the greatest dealer in Vegas named BOB. For the next 4 hours I make my $50 turn into $270. Unfortunately I don't drink alcohol or I could have gotten lots of free drinks. Kennedy drinks though and had 8 rum and cokes. I drank 9 pepsis. I felt pretty crazy and at the same time I'm completely wiped out. It's about 3 am at this point and I decide to call it quits. My flight leaves in a few hours, so we decide to get something to eat. We pick the Westward Ho Snackbar. At this place you can get tons of food for cheap. Their gimmick is the $.99 3/4 pound hot dog with beer. Unfortunately(or fortunately for some) I don't eat hot dogs, but I got to eat a strawberry shortcake for $.99. The hot dog was bigger than anything I'd ever seen. We both we're pretty amazed. The hot dog could have fed a family of four. At this point I'm running late for my flight back home and I bid farewell to Kennedy. He's staying for a convention for his work, but I needed to get back home to work and to see a friend coming through town. Anyways, I sleep for about an hour at the airport and then hop on the plane and headed home. The flight only took 1 hour and 25 minutes. I slept another hour on the plane and now I'm totally refreshed...NOT REALLY, but I'm gonna stay up until tonight. Wish me luck and have a beautiful day.

Peace always,
Mike Park