January 20, 2004
5:15 PM

I'm flustered. Did I spell that right? I don't like to work. I pretty much knew this and I pretty much figure everybody hates work, but I thought it was different for me. I thought work was something I loved,but today...I HATE IT!! I just want to go down water slides and drink slurpees. Argghhh...

No big deal, I'm just going through one of those days where I hate everything. It's normal. Isn't it? Well, I hope so. Anyways, my hair is way too long. I feel like a sheep dog. Tomorrow is when I finally cut it. My mom is the master hair cutter and will grace my hair with her scissors. Maybe I'll just shave it all off. I bet that would feel nice and smooth, but scary looking. Maybe I could go to hollywood and get an agent and look for roles as a villian. I bet I'd be a good villian. I'd need to bulk up a bit and perhaps get some face jewelry to fit the parts, but can't they just do that with make up?

When I was 7 I pulled out all my eye lashes. It was fun at the time. I remember kids saying "You've got not eyelashes!" and I'd respond with "I KNOW"...but saying it real proud like. Now I've been pulling my facial hair out. Is this normal? I've been catching myself doing it and then I think to myself "if I pull out my facial hair, I won't have to shave for awhile".
We'll see how that goes. There's a lot of facial hair to pull. Alright, I hope you're having a good Tuesday y'all.

Peace out! Mike Park