January 19, 2004
2:37 PM

I just got back from the peace rally for Martin Luther King Jr. Day. Battling the rain wasn't fun, but supporting the values of this great man are so iimportant. I felt like a kid waltzing through the rain and not really caring about getting wet. It wasn't cold, so the rain was enjoyable, but now I feel a bit sick from being wet. Cough... Better drink some tea. I spent the last few days hanging out with my brothers in the Lawrence Arms. It's crazy to think that this band has already been together for 5 years. It doesn't feel that long ago that they just started playing. Time does fly by eh?

The band played at the Los Gatos Outhouse on Saturday which is located at the rear of the high school that I attended. There's a tennis court next to the Outhouse and I brought rackets to play before the show. I'm sure it must have been a pretty interesting sight watching me play tennis at night vs. Neil(the Larms Drummer) and then against Matt Skiba. Imagine fully clothed aging punk rockers playing tennis poorly.

Anyways, it's always nice to see friends from out of town. Being able to talk to them and see how things are going in their lives. Touring can be extremely draining on ones mental and physical state. From the outside, I'm sure it looks amazing. Being able to play music to people who adore you. Travel from city to city seeing the world. And for those with the party mentality, it's the best thing imaginable. Think about it... You already frequent the bars every day back at home... Just imagine touring and being able to play different venues (that are usually bars) that cater to your lifestyle. But if you're a band member who doesn't drink that much, it can get old and tiresome. I'm looking back to my years of touring and how mentally drained I got. Basically, I took the last 8 years off from touring. This is the first time in years that I am able too enjoy playing again.

I'm not sure where I'm going with this banter. I guess I could see it in the eyes of Chris and Neil... They kept saying "I'm looking forward to getting home". And it just brought back memories of years past. Shoooootzzz.... I'm babbling. I better get some work done. I'm meeting a friend in an hour and I haven't done a thing today. Me bad..

Peace, Mike Park