January 16, 2004
1:58 PM

It's time for the weekend. But everyday is the weekend for me, so there's no extra excitement pouring from my soul. I just know that for most people, the weekend is a big deal and a time to let loose. So happy weekend to everyone. Last night, I saw a movie with Miya called House of Sand and Fog with Ben Kingsley and Jennifer Conneley. Ben Kingsley is the friggin man of all men. He's an amazing actor. WOW!! And Jennifer Conneley is stellar. Plus, she's so beautiful. I bet she'd like me if we met. I bet she's a fan of my stuff. No you say? Ummm... yeah, you're probably right.

I headed home and hopped on my bike to head over to the House of Pizza on Almaden, downtown San Jose. I hadn't been there in over 10 years, but a friend was having a birthday party, so I headed on over. There's a lounge upstairs that I had no idea exhisted and it had this 70's architecture with tiki decor on the walls. Very strange, but very cool at the same time. We danced to the hits of years past and then headed out to the Blank Club. I'm the only one who traveled via bike, so I race on galantly down to another section of town and get stopped by a voice saying my name. It's this girl Rachel and we talk for a bit and then I head into the Caravan where there's some punk band rockin. I see a few friends:James/Ken. I stick around for about an hour, but it's getting pretty late, so I head on home.

I stop by the Falafel shop, but after waiting ten minutes to order, I decide to just leave. I race back home and make some spaghetti. Isn't that good for you? To eat super late at night and then go to sleep? It isn't? Hmmmm... Oh.. Well. Tonight is Lawrence Arms in San Francisco. Should be fun. Take care y'all.

Peace, mike park