January 14, 2004
12:23 PM

The movie I saw last night was Suburbia. It had been years since I saw it, but I don't remember it being so low budget. Based in S. Cal in the early 80's, the movie deals with a bunch of punks who live in suburbia and squat in this abandoned house. Had TSOL, DI, and the VANDALS playing at various times during the movie. It's pretty funny.

Springman Avi was in the house for movie night. I guess they officially call it the TUESDAY club. They drink lots and watch movies. Living on 11th st., I raced my bike to 23rd for Tuesday Club and it only took me 5 minutes to get there. I was pretty impressed with my bike speed. Especially since only one gear is working and it's the lowest one.

I got home around 2 AM and read comics and ate some frozen waffles. Yumm...but I really didn't need to do that at 2 AM. I'm going to see the band DEERHOOF tonight in SF. Should be fun. Also, if you live in the bay area....Monday the 19th is MLK day and we'll be going to SF to march in the celbration of MLK DAY. If you want to come with, a group of us will be going. Please come and support and celbrate the life of one of the most important persons to fight for equality.

Peace, mike park