January 13, 2004
6:02 PM

Sleep deprivation is fun. Going nearly 40 hours with only 1 hour of sleep can make for some silly, silly silliness. I am now thinking straight and had a pleasant night of sleep. But here are the turn of events from yesterday. After work, I drove home and went for a walk to fight off the sleep deprivation. First it was off to the comic book shop on 3rd st. called Hijinx. Read through Ghost World and the new Giant Robot.

After that, I took off to 7th st. and dropped in on Tobin from EE's apartment. We went to a terrible taqueria called Iguanas. Don't go there. The food sucked. I need a good taqueria in San Jose. What's the deal? Why are there no good places here. There's a huge hispanic population, but the restaurants are no good. Strange.

Ok, then I took off and went to the grocery store to get a toothbrush. At this point, I'm so sleepy. I feel like I'm on drugs.. Argghhhh... There was a lady outside selling cookies to raise money for the homeless. I bought one cookie and she gave me another one free. It was yummy....

Headed home and read comics til' midnight. I guess that wasn't the most interesting of evenings, but I was so out of my mind that it felt like such an amazing day. Considering I was in Alb. in the morning and then was still able to get a pretty productive day in without completely losing it. I say "YAY" to that. And tonight I'm going to my friends house for movie night and I'll report back tomorrow to tell you what I saw.

peace, mike park